Enjoy Digital Token Art on the subway

Digital Token Art marketplaces is not just something to enjoy at home. When you are walking to the subway, sitting on the train, riding the escalator--you can check out Digital Token Art. You can check it out on Instagram. Or on SuperRare, Makersplace, and Nifty Gateway. You can like it. You can share it. And unlike on Instagram, you can buy it, resell it, even get a loan on it. Digital Token Art is mobile. It moves. Just like you.

Enjoy Digital Token Art in your living room

Digital Token Art streams directly to your TV. Or iPad. Or laptop. Buy Digital Token Art on SuperRare. Stream your artwork to your TV. You have guests over?  Impress them with something new. You subscribe and read NUMOMO's newsletter and blog posts, right? Then you know what to talk about.

Enjoy Digital Token Art in a museum

Not yet. Digital Token Art, purely Digital Token Art, is rarely exhibited in physical museums. There are digital museums. Digital Token Art is in there. But physical museums are still catching up. They will post Digital Token Art. Soon. Very soon.


Enjoy Digital Token Art in the subway. It's better than Instagram. Enjoy Digital Token Art in your living room. It's great to engage guests. And enjoy Digital Token Art in a museum. Well, not yet. And do you need to?

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