Digital Token Art can reflect digitized physical artwork or digital artwork. Digital token art that reflects purely digitally artwork has several benefits.

Accessibility: Digital artworks are cheaper than physical artworks

Many people have access to computing devices. Buying computing devices can be more expensive than buying materials for physical artwork. But digital artwork becomes cheaper than physical artwork over time. After the initial set-up cost, costs decrease. Creating digital token art becomes a matter of time and creativity, not money.

Convenience: Digital artwork require less non-creative work than physical artwork

Digital artwork requires only a computing device like a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Physical artwork requires a lot of materials. A painter needs brushes, colors, papers, and a lot of space. A sculptor needs raw materials and various types of tools.

Digital artwork requires just a computing device, and thus it is easy to move around and create digital art anywhere and at any time. Physical artwork is more difficult. Creatives must carry around materials, such as brushes, cameras, lighting, and clothing for example. These materials are heavy, and they can break easily.

Productivity: Digital artwork can be changed quicker and cheaper than physical artwork

Digital artworks can easily be changed, removed, or started again. Just click "remove" or "delete". And it's done immediately. Physical artworks cannot be reversed easily. Drawing the wrong line is difficult to reverse. Removing color from a painting is difficult. Changing the size of the painting is limited by the size of the canvas, which cannot be easily changed.


Digital token art includes digitized physical artworks and natively digital artworks. Digital artworks have several distinct benefits, including accessibility, convenience, and productivity. Sign up below to learn more.