You have researched Digital Token Art. You have seen lots of cool artworks. You understand why and how Digital Token Art can help you. Now you want to go into Digital Token Art. But what simple rules should you follow to be successful?

Rule 1: Create

Anybody can create Digital Token Art. Take a photo. Create a GIF. Draw something on Blender. Generate funky images with Google's Deep Dream Generator.

Creating means participating. You will learn how creators work in Digital Art. You will become a creator yourself. Create to understand creators.

Everyone is trying out new things. What matters is trying. Trying is participating. People like others like themselves.

Rule 2: Collect

Anybody can collect Digital Token Art. You can buy Digital Token Art. Engage with artists and many artists will send you rewards in the form of Digital Token Art.

Creating Digital Token Art is not enough. You must collect Digital Token Art. Collecting Digital Token Art means you are supporting other artists. Digital Token Art is community. The community notices when people support artists.

Collecting helps you as a creator and critic because people pay more attention to you. More attention means people will more easily find, talk, and think about your token artwork.

Rule 3: Critique

Anybody can critique an artwork. Anyone can upload something and say it is Digital Token Art. Critiquing does not mean being negative. Critiquing means putting an artwork into context, and explaining its value.

Critiquing artworks can establish your reputation as an expert. Critiquing artworks also helps drive the value of the artworks that you create, or that you collect.


Creatives who can create, collect, and critique have all the essential skills to become successful in Digital Token Art. Sign up below to learn more.