What We See

Creatives don't capture the value they create. NFTs change this. But there's too much jargon. Plus, creatives lack time. They lack support.  They lack career plans leveraging tokens. Using tokens the right way takes time. NUMOMO helps creatives get started instantly, the right way.

Who We Are

NUMOMO is the first Creative NFT Agency worldwide. NUMOMO is based in Seoul, South Korea. NUMOMO educates creatives about the benefits of NFTs and supports the most talented creatives with a complete, end-to-end service in the blockchain and NFT space. NUMOMO's mission is to empower the most talented creatives to use NFTs to build, grow, and maintain a successful brand and career.

What We Do

NUMOMO offers three services.

  1. NUMOMO Academy teaches workshops and courses that educate creatives about the benefits of tokens. To build community.
  2. NUMOMO Agency accelerates the career of talented creatives by connecting creatives with brands, and by providing a complete, end-to-end service for creatives to engage in the Token Economy.
  3. NUMOMO Consulting advises corporations, governments, and other organizations on how to strategically leverage tokens, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

Why Choose NUMOMO

NUMOMO is the most innovative agency for creatives using tokens in Asia. NUMOMO's unfair advantage is the expertise and network of its team:

  1. They've built communities of creatives.
  2. They've written PhD dissertations about crowds and tokens.
  3. They've taught about art, communities, and tokens at universities.

What NUMOMO Values Are

  1. Respect matters more than hierarchy. We are partners. We are equals. We work with each other, not for each other.
  2. Family matters more than work. Our work is important. But family is more important. Always.

Where We Are Now

We manage several artists, curate a unique collection of NFTs, and organize creative events and exhibtions related to NFTs. We continue to scout talented creatives who will become stars by leveraging tokens and NFTs.

Where We Are Going

NUMOMO is becoming the most well-known Agency in Asia investing in talented creatives worldwide who use NFTs. To accelerate the #nftart movement.

Where To Contact Us

Email: info@numomo.com
Instagram: instagram.com/numomoart
Twitter: twitter.com/numomoart