Anthony Rosati - "Welcome to Eth" - Feb. 26, 2021 

Anthony Rosati’s genesis crypto fashion artwork, “Welcome to Eth,” is the first artwork in his genesis collection available on KnownOrigin, a website to buy and sell NFT artworks. The artwork is an artistic expression about discovery and curiosity. It explores the beauty between avant-garde fashion and technology. Rosati’s signature pink eyes are intriguing, mysterious, and a focal point of his work. They allow us to see far and near; they captivate the uncertainty one has about encountering something new. “Welcome to Eth” reflects Anthony Rosati’s courage to enter into a new space, push boundaries and contribute to the burgeoning crypto fashion community.

Anthony Rosati’s attention to detail separates him from other crypto fashion artists in the space. The garments in his works do not only represent elements to dress an avatar, but they are also used to create new shapes, emotions and inspirations. His surrealistic fashion resonates particularly well among digitally native generations. Often times, our first contact with new people is through digital means. This first contact shapes our first impression. In the, "not so distant future," how you design your avatar may impact whether or not someone wants to like, follow, comment, stream or "gasp" have a live discussion.

"Welcome to Eth" is both a commentary on discovery and how to shape our visual identity. This generation constantly searches, explores, and engages with ways in which digital and physical elements combine. Creating, collecting, and wearing digital fashion is an emerging trend to define one's identity. Anthony Rosati is set to become a pioneer of this trend. He is currently finishing his first crypto fashion collection to be released soon.

About Anthony Rosati

Anthony Rosati was born in Italy on September 30th, 1990. Rosait’s personality is eclectic and indomitable, and his life has been characterized by a tireless drive towards art and fashion. Anthony obtained a degree in Media Design in Milan in 2017 and has been working as a 3D artist since 2018, frequently collaborating with visual professionals and musical artists.  

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