Anything Digital can be Digital Token Art

You can upload anything to digital token art platforms. A photo. A logo. An audio file. Is anything digital art? Maybe if you call it art. Or if I call it art. Or if it is on an art platform. Like on a digital token art platform. Or in an art gallery. Or a museum.

Digital Token Art is about Meaning

Art is about the invisible. It is about meaning. Warhol's pictures of Campbell soups. Duchamps' urinal in a museum. A white canvas in a museum. It's not about what you see. It's about what it means.

Critics Communicate Meaning

Critics are creators. They create artworks. Critics take something digital and make it into an artwork. How? Critics don't use a brush. They don't use a graphical design software. Critics use words, and words communicate meaning. Without words, things have no meaning.

Every Digital Token Artwork needs a Critic

Anyone can create a "thing". Is that "thing" an artwork? Only if a critic gives meaning to it. Meaning makes a "thing" an artwork.


The main tool a critic uses is words. Anyone can use words. Every artwork needs words. Are you using words?  Sign up below.