This post focuses on digital "tokens", digital "things", digital "assets", or digital "items". Creatives can create, collect, and explore these items in the Metaverse. Many types of digital items exist. This post highlights 3 types of items.

Collectible Items

Physical collectibles refer to a (rare) thing in the physical world. A Pokemon Card. A limited-edition handbag. A high-end watch. In the Metaverse, avatars can own digitized certificates of a physical collectible. Digitized versions of physical collectibles are different from digital collections that are created in the digital world.

Digital collectibles refer to a (rare) thing created in the digital world. Copying and pasting digital things, like files, is still easy. But through blockchain, anyone can easily tell whether a "thing" in the Metaverse is original or copied. That's powerful, because creatives don't have to focus on managing fakes; creatives can focus on creating originals.

Digital Token Art Items

Today, fashion designers design clothes only in the physical world. Tomorrow, fashion designers will also design clothes in virtual worlds. Painters will start to draw paintings inside virtual worlds. Musicians will create music inside virtual worlds.

Some of these designers, painters, and musicians will create art. You can buy, collect, and sell this digital token art. You can go and see artworks in galleries inside virtual worlds. You can listen to music performed live inside virtual worlds. You will become a part of the Metaverse.

Game Items

There are already 2D websites that act as 3D websites: online games like World of Warcaft, Minecraft, or Fortnite for example. Online games are virtual worlds inside the Metaverse. People entering a game can buy game items. They can buy new clothes ("skins") for their avatar. They can buy items ("potions", "tools", etc) for their avatar. They can buy special skills for their avatar.

Today, people cannot easily transfer their game items from one virtual world to another virtual world. But this is changing rapidly. Games are starting to represent and format game items as tokens. Games are using tokens on blockchains to allow people to take items bought in one game to another game. Soon, people will be able to take their items anywhere in the Metaverse.  


Creatives can create more than just digital token art. They can create game items as well as physical and digital collectible items. Welcome to the Metaverse. Sign up below to keep learning more.