Do not "misunderstand" digital artworks. They like the attention. But attention does not directly pay the bills. Attention does not pay for the digital tools necessary to render, blender and procreate.

There are rumors of websites where collectors scroll, click and buy digital artworks. There are short video clips, GIFs or JPGs; where art collectors can buy and resell digital artworks. Resell? Yes. That's possible.

But does this really happen? Are there people willing to spend thousands of dollars on digital artworks?

Yes. It is happening now. It has been happening. And it is the future for digital artworks.

Let's not misunderstand digital artworks. They love the attention they get on social media. Frankly, they need it. But they want more. They want collectors to have bidding wars over their affection. They want their artists to show them off on Twitter when a collector pays a few thousand for them.

There are even late night discussions among digital artworks. Where they discuss how artists like Pak, Hackatao and Coldie have become legends in the digital art space. And. Now. They are inspiring others to enter. They support each other. They are building a community.

So. Do not misunderstand digital artworks. They love getting love on social media. They just want more. They deserve more. Their artists deserve to be taken seriously, to be treated fairly. To be rewarded for their creativity, time, energy and effort. The wait is over. The time is now. Go out. Breath in the pixels. Let the world know. You are unique, special and one of a kind.

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