Engwind's first 3 NFTs are going on sale tonight on KnownOrigin. The sale is an open auction starting at 0$ and continuing for 72h. Engwind's work is characterized by a visually immersive, game-like quality, and distinguishes itself from similar work by being heavily story-driven.

Engwind's technical mastery is visually impressive and delightful. This is why MSI recently profiled Engwind. Engwind is also a MSI brand ambassador with full creative freedom to design visuals for MSI. The detail and elegance of his work resonates powerfully with the technical sophistication of MSI's gaming devices.

Engwind's work goes beyond the mere display of technical mastery. Engwind is also a skilled storyteller. We think this combination is what makes his work truly stand out from similar work. Not only are each of his individual NFTs mini-stories that can stand on their own, but each of these mini-stories is also connected together in a super-story--pretty cool.

Leading up to this drop, Engwind used storytelling to recount his personal story by using video, audio, and still pictures to show his evolution from a non-NFT creative to a NFT creative. The videos and images on Twitter, Instagram, and Cent provide a glimpse into Engwind's journey, from how Engwind technically made the pieces to how he navigated the emotional highs and lows as he decided to move into NFT art.

Engwind's connection to storytelling isn't limited to the context of his NFTs. Engwind also employs storytelling for each NFT, as well as across each NFT. Engwind's 3 Genesis NFTs feature the same protagonist or hero. That hero is, fundamentally, one of us. The  hero represents the cypherpunk creative, a type of creative that uses hashing to drive change.

Engwind's story as a cypherpunk creative is beautifully described by juxtaposing the descriptions of his three NFTs. Unlike technical descriptions of NFTs, we have, here, someone connecting the meaning of his work with what he technically did. Read the descriptions below. Get excited, and start bidding.


The First Step begins with a call. The call for adventure and a better future. Not just mine, not just yours, but ours. NFTs are a rallying call for creatives. A call to explore, to dream, and to leap into a world where our solitary dreams become a collective reality.
Nobody owns my work. I’m here, I am me, and my work isn’t even mine. It’s a piece of a much bigger mosaic, our collective dream. We’re cool. We got swag. We got style. We’re not well known yet, but we’re famous nonetheless. Can you see in his walk?
This NFT is a piece of our story. Make no mistake, though. We write the story, the story doesn’t write us. You can see the tribute to Beeple. Collecting and creating NFTs is not an act of defiance but a tribute to a historical moment of a movement that is changing our lives.
The reference to Cypherpunk Systems gives a nod to Eric Hughes Cypherpunk Manifesto. HOPR makes Eric true: it lets us run and own and control our privacy. We are not criminals. We are not thieves. But we do reject the policing of our thoughts. We know our rights.
We pay with ETH, because ETH is money. ETH as money is meaningful in many ways, like 0.30072015ETH, the date ETH took its first step.. ETH is our money. We pay and work and wear the things we own. We wear our heart on our sleeves, too: this jacket is neither yours not mine but ours, for it was designed in the hallowed digital halls of Metafactory.
Can you hear the call? This is the first step. Thanks KnownOrigin.


Taking the first step into creating a better world is hard. There will be challenges. There will be obstacles. It will be painful and riddled with endless mistakes. Setbacks will try to bring us to our knees, to keep us in check, and to remind us who we were rather than who we are going to be.
But we know the path isn’t easy. We will be chased and imprisoned for even thinking it could be another way. But we are in this together. We know what we got. We’ll ride our own cars with our own brands and we are going to win.
You see the brand of the car in this NFT? Yes, that’s who we are. We turn the tables on the man. We’ll pool our pennies and our piggy bank will topple the banks and step over the skyscrapers full of fancy suits with cufflinks worth more than an honest man’s yearly wage.
Don’t think we don’t have style. Our car is well equipped, sir. We’ll chase and be chased, but always in style, with some Bourbon always on hand. And while you may think we’ll flick a middle finger to the man, we know you’re watching, and we know you are one of us.
And for that, dear friend, despite the challenges after our first step, we finish the piece with an Asian finger heart. Can you feel it?


Here we are, cornered and isolated for taking the first step to truly create and own our lives. We are famous enough, by now, clearly. They can't ignore us. There are now prisons and dungeons like this one, named based on the crimes committed in the “0x”.
There are more of these deplorable dungeons, of course. Did you hear of the recently renamed OG one, the “bc1”? It's been growing, too, for a few years now. No matter where we are, we all know who we are. We may be different, but we are still the same. We are one.
Isn’t this what it is all about? Together we go further. We are here to help each other. To grow with each other. As new people take their first step and inevitably come across the 0x, we must be there for them. We know, with hard and objective truth, any new person that joins the 0x. Let us help them. Let us guide them.
Let us help them break free.
Let us grab their hand.
Let us forever 0x.