Hey Google, “What’s the best way to gain Instagram followers in 2020?”

Google replies: here are the “best” sites to buy Instagram followers. How many do you want to buy: 100, 1,000 or 10,000 followers?

Let’s start with 1,000 followers.

Instant delivery. Check.

Real profiles, not bots. Check.

Done. What could go wrong? Let’s get this follower train moving!

Minutes later... Bots on Fire!


Within seconds, 0 followers skyrocket to 500. 60 seconds later--1,000 followers and counting. Wait. Let me check. They could be real people.


Well, that is a $12 dollar life lesson worth sharing with everyone.

Do. Not. Buy. Followers.

It might seem like a good idea. But. 1,000 followers with 5 likes on a post. Yikes 30,000 followers with only 500 likes on a post. Face palm!

You are a new creative getting into digital art. So. How can you level the playing field and catch up with everyone else? It's simple. Do not worry about followers. Delete that thought from your mind. Instead. Focus on giving before taking.  Let me explain.

Be consistent. The first and most important rule of social media.

Put in the time and effort to engage others first. Simple as that. If you have time to lean, you have time to comment. Comment on pictures that inspire you, that motivate you, that move you.

Make genuine comments. Make comments that make other think. Ask questions. Do not just leave "fire" emojis. Do not just write, "Cool!" or "Great!" that provides little to zero value to the other person.

Post everyday. But have a plan. Think about strategy. Do you have to. No. But would you go on dream vacation without looking at the ratings, reading reviews and check the comments of your hotel. Probably not. So if you want to have the dream, you should plan for how to achieve.

Does this guarantee success. Or. A thousand followers tomorrow. No. But. It will set you up with the right mindset for how to approach Instagram and other social media tools.

Keyword. Tools. That is how we approach social media. They are tools to communicate, to share ideas, to form relationships for future collaborations. They are not measures of success, rather they are measures of progress. Focus, enjoy and learn from your progress. Your mind will thank you for it.

At NUMOMO, we move fast. We make mistakes. We learn from them. We share them. So you do not make the same mistakes. So we, and you, can learn. We can keep moving forward. Fast. Together.

Digital art moves fast. New creators can feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Digital art looks daunting. But. We are here.

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