Digital Token Art Lets You Slice A Master Artwork Into Layers is a digital token art platform. Imagine a digital artwork. Like the artwork on top of this post. Now imagine a loaf of bread. Chocolate bread. On Async, you can slice the artwork like you slice a loaf of bread.

Slicing an artwork is not just cutting a sheet of paper. Cutting means creating smaller pieces of paper. Slicing can mean cutting. But slicing can also mean creating thinner pieces of paper.

Slicing generates what Async calls "Layers". A slice is called a "Layer".  Each layer is like a semi-transparent sheet of paper. Now put these slices on top of each other. The result is an image made up of all the "Layers". That image is called a "Master".

Why Slicing Digital Token Art Is Cooler Than Slicing Bread

You make a digital token artwork. It has 5 slices. It has 5 "layers". You sell each layer to someone different. 5 different people own the artwork. Each person owns one slice. Now you can't eat this slice, not like bread. But check this out.

Digital token art can let its owners change the artwork. Sometimes an owner can change a color. A shape. Add sound. The Master is digital. The Layers are digital. The Master checks each Layer continuously. And then the Master updates itself. It recreates itself by merging all the Layers. Bread can't do that.


Digital art is like bread. You can slice it. But you can't eat it. But it can remake itself in special ways. Sign up below to learn more.