Beeple broke the Internet.

In less than a second - no - wait; milliseconds, fingers collectively smashed mouse buttons around the world 7pm EST on October 31, 2020.

Beeple aka. Mike Winkelmann, sold 100 copies of “Politics is Bullshit” for $1 on Nifty Gateway.

So what? Why does this matter to me? Why should I care about another graphic designer, digital artist, a guy who wears glasses; sell a video that I can download for free... for $1.

Because… in less than 10 minutes: #41 of 100 resold at $99, then #90 resold at $200... leap forward to today, average resale for “Politics is Bullshit” is $1588 with the highest resale going for $6666.

WTF. Literally, what does this mean for the Digital Art community: the digital artists, collectors, creators and critics?


Pure and simple. A change to how you work and play, eat and drink - how you scroll, like and tweet. This is how revolutions happen, not with hype, but with Beeple.

At NUMOMO, we are going all in, and splashing the pot with keys on top to unlock the front door for digital creators to monetize and market their art, their vision and their ideas to everyone who holds a smartphone.

Which... is almost everyone now.

So, Hype or Beeple? Well, we got Beepled? Did you?

And if not, there’s still time. But it's now, it moves fast, in less than a second, in less than 10 minutes. You could be the next Beeple and isn’t that worth the Hype?

Update! Beeple broke the Internet again! Check out Nifty Gateway to see what all the Beeple is about!