I pull down on the screen. Wait for Instagram to refresh. Eagerly, anticipate my first like. Boom! There it is. My first like and an injection of happy fuel to the brain. Now, What?

Wait. A comment. What did Jihyun write? Oh. A. Fire. Emoji. Awesome!  By the end of the day I have 159 likes and 5 comments. And. Still. $0 dollars made from my Instagram post. But I feel good.

Yes. I feel good. But does feeling good pay the bills? Can I go to the store and buy a new outfit and pay with these feelings?


Ok. So, what can I do?

Well. For starters, you can try to sell it through online art platforms like Etsy, Artsy and Ebay.

Yes, I know that. But. I make digital .MP4 and .GIF artwork - where can I try to sell those? And. Who would buy a .MP4 from Instagram when they can just download it for free?

True. You had an excellent argument.

Wait. I "had" an excellent argument. Don't you mean have???

No. I mean "had". Here is why? Let me introduce Nifty Gateway. It is one of many digital marketplaces where creators can upload digital artworks and sell them. When you upload your digital artwork, the website puts a special digital stamp or "token" on it. This makes it one of a kind, unique, no other digital item in the world can claim to have this stamp or "token".

Great. So, then what? Nifty Gateway will set up your first art auction. You can sell multiple editions or unique one of a kind artworks.  do you want to know the best part?

Wait. There is more?

Yes! You get royalties from secondary sales. For example. Fewocious, a young 17 year old artist, put up digital artworks on Nifty Gateway on Nov. 6, 2020.

"I don't know how I feel right now" originally sold for $500 in less than a second. A few minutes later, a collector put it back up on Nifty Gateway and the artwork resold  6 times. And every time it resells in the future, the artist will continue to receive royalties automatically into her account.

Ok. So. After I upload to Instagram, then I upload to the digital art platforms. Someone buys my art. Maybe. Then, what?

Well, that's where NUMOMO can help. We help you plan for "what's next".

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