April 12, 2021 - Punto Blu is a residency for artists in Korea to be promoted overseas. Symbolizing the earth, Punto Blu helps the artist expand their audience globally by running exchange programs with international galleries and collaborations with global institutions.

NUMOMO is the world's first Creative NFT Agency. NUMOMO supports creatives with a complete, end-to-end service in the blockchain and NFT space. NUMOMO's mission is to empower the most talented creatives to use NFTs to build and extend a successful brand and career.

NUMOMO will conduct several NFT Art workshops at Punto Blu, for collectors and for artists. Sign up early for the workshops. There will be a limited number of spots and times between May 7-15th available due to Covid restrictions. Guests should fill out the NFT Art workshop form to reserve their spot. NUMOMO will confirm reservation times May 1, 2021.

The NUMOMO exhibition showcases an iconic collection of artworks they have carefully acquired from NFT marketplaces since last year. NUMOMO will exhibit several artworks from its one million dollar NFT Art collection, for the first time. This includes artworks from NUMOMO's Beeple collection. NUMOMO's Beeple collection is the most complete Beeple collection in Korea.

There are digital artworks. There are physical artworks. There are prints. There are physical artworks that can only be accessed by holding a digital NFT. There are still images and dynamic images. NUMOMO’s collection consists of artworks from Beeple, Cory Van Lew, Refik Anadol, Fewocious,Render Fruit, 3LAU, Micah Johnson,  Fvckrender, Mad Dog Jones, Slime Sunday, Trevor Jones, Pak, Coldie, Alotta Money, Giant Swan and many more notable crypto artists. The NFT Art market has exploded 100x over the last few months from a niche market transacting less than $2M/month to over $200M/month today. Come explore. Come learn. We have stories to share.

Come and join the digital renaissance with us.

NUMOMO's roster of artists includes creatives from across the world:

🇰🇷 Zeen 3D - Avatars & CGI - Korean - Link
🇪🇪 Mia Haggi - Photography - Estonian - Link
🇮🇹 Anthony Rosati - Digital Fashion - Italian - Link
🇳🇬 Ade Sola - Paintings & Multimedia -  Nigerian - Link
🇨🇭 Hansruedi Ramsauer - Photography - Swiss - Link
🇺🇸 Michael Blackstone - VR  - American - Link
🇪🇸 Nacho Vazquez - 3D - Spanish - Link
🇳🇴 Oyvind Engevik - 3D - Norwegian - Link
🇬🇧 Abhi Bhasin - Paintings - English - Link
🇩🇰 Jesse Meester - Influencer - Danish - Link
🇮🇩 Diela Maharanie - Pop Art - Indonesian - Link
-Updated Artist Roster-
🇰🇷 12ENT - Entertainment Company - Korean - Link
🇰🇷 HumNyaWe - Illustrator - Korean - Link
🇮🇹 Davide Pellino - Animator - Italian - Link
🇺🇸 Diego Nossa - 3D and Photographer - Link

"NUMOMO “Token Manifesto” NFT Exhibition" at Punto Blu from May 7 to May 15, 2021, at Seongsu 22 gil 61, Seoul, Korea (Google Maps).

Come and join the digital renaissance with us.