NFT Supper Genesis is an NFT project to explore food, art and NFTs in Asian culture. Supper time is an important part of Korean and Asian culture as it is a universal experience we all share. Sitting down with friends, family and even strangers at times is more than just sharing food. It is sharing a laugh, catching up on each other’s lives and strengthening the bonds between us.

NFT Supper Genesis - A collaboration between Joo Jae Bum x Salvij x CAWA x NUMOMO x Punto Blu x Xeno NFT Hub

It has deep cultural significance, so much so that instead of saying, “Hello, how are you,” which is common in western culture when you meet a friend or stranger, Koreans say, “Bap meokggusahyo?” When translated, it literally means, “Have you had dinner, yet?” The conversation begins with food, but the question is more of a signal. It signals we are one. We share the same history. We are part of the same community. The NFT Supper Genesis is not just an NFT artwork collaboration between an artist and a chef. It is a supper bell to signal to the community we are ready to start a new conversation about the future of art, food and technology.

DJ Park, a chef and owner of LA-Seoul’s premier zero-waste food restaurant Salvij, uses local ingredients to create his supper experiences. DJ Park is creating pork belly noodles and charcoal ice cream specifically for the NFT Supper Genesis collection, embodying the cultural history behind Korea's love of noodles, pork and ice cream. As it has been impossible to authenticate recipes in the current restaurant business, he wants to explore the possibilities to mint his recipes on the blockchain through NFT art created in collaboration with the artist Joo Jae Bum. DJ Park expects this NFT project will open new doors not only for the artists, but also for everyone working in the food and beverage industry.

Joo Jae Bum is fascinated with pixel art. He is known for a Pixel Portrait Project where he interviews every participant and draws customized portraits for them. He has wanted to find a way to expand his practice in the world of the Metaverse. Thus, he launched NFT Supper Genesis collection via Cryptovoxels, a decentralized virtual land space built on the ethereum blockchain where users can buy and sell land, create buildings and design custom avatars. The owners of NFT Supper Genesis piece would be able to customize avatars by putting on digital wearables bought and sold as NFTs. Unlike centralized virtual spaces, users are able to take their digital assets out of the Cryptovoxel ecosystem and put them up for sale on decentralized NFT marketplaces like Opensea. This unique ability to have full control of your digital assets provides a space for Joo Jae Bum to bring his pixel art to life in the Metaverse. For Joo Jae Bum, the NFT Supper Genesis collection is not just a collaboration with DJ Park, but the start of the Metaconversation about technology and food.

The NFT Supper Genesis consists of 6 NFTs in the collection. There are 5 NFTs that represent ingredients and one main dish to the collection. The 5 ingredients are also digital wearables you can use in Cryptovoxels. The 5 NFT ingredient artworks are: K-Noodle T, Fire Cap, Droplet Crown, Eggplug Cap and Milk T. The main dish being served as an NFT is the Pork Belly Ramen Set. The collection is to highlight the main theme of CAWA, which is to promote NFTs and art in Asia. The collaboration focuses on not only food specific to Korea, but culturally relevant to Asia.

The other unique aspect to the collaboration is in the hidden value of each NFT. The recipe for the NFT Supper Genesis will be available to those who collect the NFT, each ingredient NFT unlocking a part of the main dish recipe. DJ Park believes food is a communal experience, best enjoyed in the company of others, so a collector would have to contact other collectors in order to complete a recipe. The main dish NFTs come with chef DJ Park’s personal notes to not only recreate his dish, but to learn the subtle nuances to induce the flavor and taste that only comes after 10 years of professional culinary experience.

This epic multi-collaboration reflects CAWA’s multi-country approach. It is not just about art. It is not just about food. It is not just about NFTs. It is about the people behind the art, the food and the NFTs. It is about the community and conversations happening right now about what a better future will look like. Will feel like. Will taste like. It is about you and me. Sharing a moment together over supper.

Join the panel talk in the Metaverse via the link below [link will appear on the day of the event].

In true decentralized fashion, the NFT Supper Genesis Collection is available on two platforms. The Main Dish NFT Artwork is on Xeno NFT marketplace. The NFT ingredient artworks are on Joo Jae Bum’s Foundation NFT Marketplace profile.

NFT Supper Genesis - Pork Belly Ramen Set - Main Dish NFT Artwork

Pork Belly Ramen Set - Joo Jae Bum x Salvij - NFT Supper Genesis Collection

The NFT main dish artwork, Pork Belly Ramen Set, is available to bid on Xeno NFT Marketplace. Xeno is a new marketplace with a focus on immersive experiences. They are looking to collaborate with traditional artists and industries to create communities to push innovation in the NFT space.

Click here to see the full NFT Genesis Collection:

NFT Supper Genesis - K-Noodle T, Fire Cap, Droplet Crown, Eggplug Cap and Milk T - Ingredient NFT artworks

The NFT ingredient artworks are on Joo Jae Bum’s Foundation NFT Marketplace profile.

Click here to bid on the NFT Supper Genesis Artworks:

K-Noodle-T - Joo Jae Bum x Salvij - NFT Supper Genesis Collection
Milk T - Joo Jae Bum x Salvij - NFT Supper Genesis Collection
Fire Cap - Joo Jae Bum x Salvij - NFT Supper Genesis Collection
Eggplug Cap - Joo Jae Bum x Salvij - NFT Supper Genesis Collection
Droplet Crown - Joo Jae Bum x Salvij - NFT Supper Genesis Collection

Co-author and Korean translation by Jane Lee (Art Director at Punto Blu)