The first NFT book will be published in South Korea this fall 2021 from the cofounders of NUMOMO Creative NFT Agency. To celebrate our upcoming book launch, NUMOMO will be releasing short excerpts from the NFT book. The book will be published in Korean and English. Gilbut Publishing Co. Ltd. will publish a physical and digital version of the NFT book in Korean. The English version of the NFT book will be available in a digital version only.

The book is a beginner guide to NFTs and tokens for people interested in learning more about this exciting movement. It explains NFTs and tokens with case studies and a few interviews from the top cryptoart artists and collectors in the space. One of those interviews is with Carlos Marcial. A cryptoart artist that has redefined the space with his 3D surrealism and looping infinity room artworks. Below is a short excerpt from our book and one of the most important questions Carlos answered during it.

AI robots moonwalking. An infinite looping room artwork by Carlos Marcial. Carlos Marcial is a cryptoart artist.
Have you seen my AI assistants moonwalking? - Carlos Marcial (Jan-30-2020 01:10:29 AM +UTC)

NUMOMO Upcoming NFT Book Excerpt

“Carlos Marcial's mindset is incorruptible and immutable. He shares his crypto story with his brain and creates crypto art from his heart. The artworks he tokenizes are carefully crafted to represent his belief in blockchain’s power to preserve digital artworks forever. “It’s kind of like I’m writing. I’m putting my art into digital stone.” Carlos joyfully explains to me when we begin the interview.  

Sample question from the interview:

What should new artists consider when they start tokenizing their art?

For me, it's always about the art first and I never really thought about the economic side of it. But, I think new artists should look at the history of the space and educate themselves on the art market. In school, you never really get a class about the business side to art. It's very, very rare that you get a class about the art market. It would be cool to see historically who the collectors of Korean or Western art are. We should be able to know that stuff, but it's hard to find that information. So I think that's why a lot of artists struggle a lot. We fall in love with making art, but when we want to monetize it, we don’t have the education or tools to succeed. I wish, in my younger years, when I was in my 20s, I'm in my 30s now, that I had somebody who could lead me. To help me understand how to build your own market? How do you approach collectors? How do you use social media? Which digital tools to use? And all that kind of stuff. But, I think you have to fail at it also. I failed miserably as a freelancer. The lessons I learned though, help me to appreciate this moment more. - Carlos Marcial

The first book is in the final stages of editing. We are also happy to announce our next book. It is in collaboration with Carlos Marcial to tell the origin stories of the cryptoart artists in the space. If this is you, please get in contact with Carlos or Scott on Twitter or email: