NUMOMO, the first Creative NFT Agency worldwide, is lead by two co-founders who believe tokens will define the future.

Scott is an educational and community organizer expert. For the last 15 years in South Korea, his domain expertise in the creative and educational industry has allowed him to develop art events, a bi-lingual magazine, and social media campaigns. He has a Master's in Education and has 10+ years of teaching experience at a university in Seoul, South Korea. His courses focus on developing communication skills, cultural awareness and exploring the intersection of art and technology. He's active on Instagram. Email:

Rolf is a token and blockchain expert. He holds Bachelor Degrees in the Arts and in Business, as well as a Masters and a PhD degree in Management. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on valuing tokens like digital artworks. Before NUMOMO, he co-founded several ventures, including Savvy and Keyless. Savvy was a blockchain robo-advisor, while Keyless enables secure log-ins without a password. Savvy and Keyless raised millions of dollars. Rolf is also part of MetaCartel Venture DAO. He's somewhat active on Twitter. Email:

Korean Translation Team

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