We are pleased to introduce the world’s first NFT Supper Genesis at Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA), an artist-first festival and exhibition aimed at growing the community around NFT and celebrating this new medium that is changing the world.

Crypto Art Week Asia - NFT - Digital Artist - Poster
Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA) Exhibition Poster, CAWA

Featuring Asia's most prominent names in crypto art, CAWA runs from 9 to 17 July in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Metaverse. CAWA features a stellar line-up of speakers such as Metakovan and Twobadour of Metapurse, the collector of the renowned Everydays: The First 5,000 Days.

Together with NUMOMO, the world’s first creative NFT agency, and Xeno NFT Hub, Punto Blu will be presenting NFT artworks in all locations while focusing the dialogue on the NFT Supper Genesis piece created by the visual artist Joo Jae Bum based on the secret recipe of LA-Seoul based chef Salvij.

NFT Supper Genesis will open doors to new opportunities for all: it enables the chef’s recipe to be authenticated through blockchain technology, for only the buyers of the NFT Supper Genesis will be able to unlock the secrets to his mastery in cooking. Joo Jae Bum is a respected visual artist whose core art practice lies in pixel drawings, as shown in his solo exhibition at Lotte Museum of Art and a group exhibition with DAZED, as well as collaborations with Starbucks, GoPro, Lecaf, Hypebeast, and countless more.

The NFT Supper Genesis will launch its auction on 16 July, 2021, 7pm, with a supper event at Punto Blu for the audience to experience Salvij’s recipe in person, witness and learn more about the aesthetic visualization of ingredients and the main dish by Joo Jae Bum, and exchange dialogues about NFT with NUMOMO and Punto Blu representatives.

Sign-up for the NFT Supper Genesis experience will open on 1 July on Punto Blu Seoul Instagram, with limited availability of 30.


The NFT is a way for artists and collectors to engage with artwork in the current digital renaissance. NFTs can provide proof of ownership via blockchain technology, enabling artists to authenticate their works properly and make active sales as it also automatically collects commissions from secondary sales. After a record-setting $69 million sale on Beeple’s artwork at Christie’s on March 11, NFT artworks are drawing the world’s attention as Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5,000 Days is the third-highest sale for a living artists’ artwork after Jeff Koons and David Hockney.


Joo Jae Bum is a pixel artist who pixelates daily landscapes, exercises, or elements reminiscent of the old memories in contemporary expressions. Along with his solo exhibition at Lotte Museum of Art and collaboration with renowned brands, his recent project ‘Pixel Portrait Project’ portrays audiences’ faces in pixels upon an interview. He wants to continue visualizing his imagination in virtual landscapes, wishing the art to be the game, the food, and the culture across on/offline.


1/3 of all food produced in the world becomes waste, at the same time 1/9 of the world is still starving. We strive to utilize ingredients to the fullest, with the goal of producing no food waste. We sought out to bring awareness, and educate our guests through our dining programs. Through this, we hope to lead a movement where we can change our lifestyle to heal our planet, our home.


Punto Blu is a residency for artists in Korea to be promoted overseas. Symbolizing the earth in its name, Punto Blu helps the artist expand their audience globally by running exchange programs with international galleries and collaborations with global institutions.


NUMOMO is the world's first Creative NFT Agency. NUMOMO supports creatives and collectives with a complete, end-to-end service in the blockchain and NFT space. NUMOMO's mission is to empower the most talented creatives to use NFTs to build and extend a successful brand and career.

About Xeno

XENO is a company building and operating several products in the burgeoning NFT ecosystem including:  Xeno NFT Marketplace - for creating, selling and buying NFTs, Xeno Spaces - for bringing NFTs into the real world and giving exposure and education to traditional industry players, and Xeno Cube - an up-coming metaverse experience for bringing  Xeno NFT Marketplace and Xeno Spaces together in the virtual world into a single immersive experience.


Location: Punto Blu | 61, Seongsui-ro 22-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Date: 9-17 July 2021 | NFT Genesis Supper In-Dining Experience 16 July 2021

Hours: Mon-Sat, 11AM-10PM | NFT Genesis Supper In-Dining Experience 7-9PM

Parking: Available, No valet


Punto Blu: Jane Lee | jane.lee.0914@gmail.com | +82-010-2789-6674 NUMOMO: Scott Fuzion|scott@numomo.com |+82-010-6587-4147


Press Release written by Jane Lee