The Final Wave
That Will Change Everything

We are the traveling salesmen of a digital revolution. We are astronauts and hitchhikers in an ever-expanding, awe-inspiring digital universe. We are perpetual explorers. We are the pixel pirates of digital worlds, contemplating unfinished quests, enjoying bustling marketplaces, and experiencing life-changing art events. We are filled with inspiration. We are filled with stories. And we are here to share them, 280 characters at a time.

We have seen a world where everyone benefits. We have eaten s’mores with Prometheus. We have stood arm-in-arm with George Floyd. We were the leaderless protests, the immutable ink of human rights, and the unwavering flag of peace. We were always bigger in numbers. And our number is the only one that matters. We are the final wave. We will change everything.

Now we are apostles of the common good, and merchants of infinite welfare in digital worlds. We ship packets as light as air yet worth more than gold, all wrapped in zeros and ones. We tell stories of spaces free and open, welcoming anyone. We've seen tragedies become fairytales, dreams become blueprints, and common goods become permanent realities. Come journey with us.

Join us, but think carefully. Nothing comes for free. You must strap on your boots. You must lift up your gaze. And you must take off, knowing you may never come back.