When they hear us,
they will see the future.

We are not here to live but to dream. We do not guess the future, we invent it. We are the scientists of the next decades. The makers of cypherpunks in cyberspace. The architects and designers, the musicians and writers, the filmmakers and philosophers who give purpose to hope and substance to dreams.

We do not whisper about revolutions, but type them. We do not congregate in marketplaces or run-down basements, but debate on the open forums of the new internet. We do not scream louder than anyone. We carry quirky beatboxes and silently program the loudest megaphones. We will be heard. And when they hear us, they will see the future.

We embrace the intermingling of art, technology, and economics. We are the masters of our crafts, the construction workers of our dreams, and the shareholders of our work. No longer are we slaves for the rich, ghost writers for the famous, or beggars for a stage. We are, forever now,
the owners of our fate.