The vision of MOKNA is to become the biggest NFT art collection in Korea--made possible by, and in the interest of, Koreans’ collective interest in art and technology.

MOKNA is going to be fully digital. It will start as a basic collection of NFTs submitted by, and only by, Koreans. Over time, we envision MOKNA to be owned and operated by a community of MOKNA enthusiasts, including but not limited to the NFT artists who have submitted their work to the MOKNA collection. The community, together, will decide on the terms and conditions of how and when MOKNA artworks can be used.

At the beginning:

  • Anyone can physically exhibit the MOKNA collection. For instance, any art gallery can freely choose among the MOKNA collection and exhibit their chosen pieces for free.
  • Anyone can digitally exhibit the MOKNA collection. For instance, any digital art gallery in the Metaverse can exhibit their chosen MOKNA pieces for free.
  • Anyone can contribute resources other than artworks to MOKNA. For instance, one may contribute digital land or digital buildings in Cryptovoxels to MOKNA.Going forward, the community may decide on fractionalizing ownership of the MOKNA collection, similar to B20. Fractionalizing the collection will allow any Korean, regardless of one’s physical location, to become an owner of MOKNA.

Poster Design by Punto Blu for the NUMOMO "Token Manifesto" NFT Exhibition

We invite you to be part of history in the making:

MOKNA will launch on May 7th, 2021, at the NUMOMO "Token Manifesto" NFT Exhibition at Punto Blu in Seoul. Come be part of the movement to help Korea lead other nations into our decentralized, tokenized future.

Q: Why should Korean creatives submit their work to MOKNA?

Key expected benefits are as follows:

  • An opportunity to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Be part of the movement to make Korea great in the NFT art space.
  • An opportunity to be part of a bigger project that aims to redefine the ownership of artworks through NFTs.
  • An opportunity to sell your NFT work to collectors interested in supporting Korean art and culture by buying from Korea’s first experimental open NFT gallery.
  • An opportunity to showcase your NFT artwork in the company of Korea's most complete Beeple Collection as well as the works of other successful NFT artists, should your work get selected as part of NUMOMO’ NFT exhibition at Punto Blu from May 7-15, 2021.
  • An opportunity to get your NFT artwork featured in NUMOMO’s upcoming NFT book project, scheduled to be published in Korea in Korean this summer.
  • An opportunity to be selected for NUMOMO’s future publication materials - ie. books, magazines, online articles.

MOKNA explores how a nation can use NFTs to define a movement and culture.

Q: What is the relationship between MOKNA and NUMOMO?

NUMOMO will take an active role in launching MOKNA off the ground until the MOKNA community takes over. To get MOKNA started, NUMOMO will:

  1. Collect artworks for MOKNA to start building the initial collection. NUMOMO is currently building up the initial MOKNA collection via this Google Form.  The questions are asked in Korean only. This gesture is to express our idea of MOKNA being an exclusive space for Korean NFTs.
  2. Exhibit selected artworks from MOKNA at NUMOMO’s upcoming "Token Manifesto" NFT Exhibition. NUMOMO will select several artworks from MOKNA and showcase these artworks during the May 7-15 exhibition at Punto Blu. These artworks will be exhibited alongside Korea's most complete Beeple Collection, as well as other successful NFT artists like Cory Van Lew, an artist handpicked to produce official artwork for merchandise for Disney's Pixar animated film SOUL, and Micah Johnson, whose recent success in NFTs has attracted the first film deal based off an NFT artwork.
  3. Market and build community around MOKNA during the initial phase. NUMOMO will help develop a community for MOKNA by initially moderating KakaoTalk and Discord groups. Over time, NUMOMO intends to take more of a back seat and let the community self-moderate. You can join the initial KakaoTalk group for more information. at this.
  4. Coordinate the creation of MOKNA artists’ joint digital canvas. Korean artists who submit their artworks to MOKNA’s ethereum address will receive a unique NFT. This NFT will serve as a badge that proves the artist’s contribution to MOKNA. In addition, the NFT will allow artists to log in to a website where there will be a blank canvas/screen for them to draw directly onto along with other Korean artists. Think of it as an open space for collaboration in real time. NUMOMO will then take a snapshot of the canvas/screen and help create a new NFT associated with it. Further details will be shared via the NUMOMO-moderated NFT KakaoTalk group.

Q: Where can you view the MOKNA collection?

Head over to NUMOMO's first NFT exhibition at Punto Blu this coming May (May 7-15)! You can  also view the growing collection of MOKNA artworks in real time on Showtime. We expect more venues to be made available in the coming months to view the MOKNA collection both online and offline, as members of the MOKNA community increase in number and continue to exhibit different parts of the collection through various channels.

Q: Who can donate to MOKNA?

Anyone who creates or collects Korean art can donate to MOKNA. As MOKNA’s initial curator, NUMOMO has donated the following pieces from their private collection:

  • JiWoong Yoon aka. "G," a multimedia artist, who explores how patterns and symbols challenge our perspective.
  • HyeGyung Kim, a media artist, who combines ancient East Asian art with modern day projection mapping to create art that looks and feels alive.
  • Hyunjinery, a visual artist, who explores life through bright colors, carefully crafted creatures, and a signature Tocotoco character.

NUMOMO suggest using Rarible. When you buy and sell art you receive RARI tokens. Rarible will offer "lazy minting" on their platform soon.

Q: How can Korean artists submit NFTs to MOKNA?

Follow these four Easy steps:

  1. Fill out this Google Form
  2. Upload your work to an NFT marketplace--we recommend, the sponsor of  the upcoming exhibition--and send your artwork to MOKNA.ETH or 0xFf4F25dEF6C8807aa101f354d884378D8aC3d7a5
  3. Upload your work as an Instagram Story and tag @mokna_official
  4. Upload your work on Twitter and tag @mokna_official


Sunday, May 2, 2021 is the deadline for submitting artwork to be exhibited as part of the NUMOMO "Token Manifesto" NFT Exhibition.

We will send out an email to all artists who submit their work to MOKNA on Monday, May 3, 2021 with more updates pertaining to NUMOMO "Token Manifesto" NFT Exhibition. Come join and celebrate the birth of MOKNA.

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