Many creators create alone. It's scary. It's lonely. But it doesn't have to be. Creators can collaborate to supercharge sales and expand their communities. New tools make it easy. New tools let creators go full-time. What are you waiting for?

Co-create by collaborating with other creators

Two creators can make digital token art. They co-create by merging two artworks. The creation is a single GIF artwork (see above). The opportunities are bigger. Two creators can create podcasts or videos, and the creators can co-host podcasts or videos.

Co-create by collaborating with your community

Creators have communities. Influencers have followers. Celebrities have fan groups. Creators can co-create with their communities. They can co-design creator-branded merchandise. They can co-create a creator's events. They can co-create a creator's career.

Co-creation tools

New tools for creators are emerging. Stir splits revenue for online co-creators. Rally helps Twitch streamers make money. Unlock ensures people pay for reading a creator's paid newsletter content.

Zora and MetaFactory makes co-creating fashion merchandise easier. Pre-Subscribe makes becoming independent easier. Roll and CollabLand help creators build their own creator economies.

Co-creation examples

Musician RAC has 30,000 followers and uses Zora to co-create with his community. Musician 3LAU and videographer Slime Sunday use SuperRare to co-create digital token art. YouTube influencer Airrack uses Stir to split his revenue with co-creators, just like podcast co-creators.


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