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The Biggest Problem Influencers Face: How to Capture the Value they Create

You run a popular Instagram account. You run a popular newsletter. You run a popular podcast. You--you are popular. But are you really leveraging the value of your followers?

Youna Kim has 20,000 followers on Instagram. She starts making digital token art. She uploads her art to digital token art platforms. To Rarible. To Makersplace. To SuperRare. But how does she best incentivize her followers to spread the word about her digital token art? How does she profitably do it?

How Smart Influencers Capture Value: Issue their Own Currency

Easy, she issues her own digital token. She researches how to best do it. It takes too much time. She gets NUMOMO to do it. NUMOMO makes it easy, quick, and simple for her. Now, Youna has her own token. She calls it "$YOUNA_LOVE".

On Instagram, Youna tells her followers, "Spread the word about my digital token art! Tag my Instagram profile in your post and I will give you 100 $YOUNA_LOVE. The first 1,000 people will receive 200 $YOUNA_LOVE."

Seokjo follows Youna on Instagram. He reposts Youna's post on his Instagram. He receives 200 $YOUNA_LOVE from Youna, fully automated. What can Seokjo do with this digital money? He can exchange it for a reward that Youna offers.

Youna offers two rewards in exchange for $YOUNA_LOVE.

  1. A fan can send 1,000 $YOUNA_LOVE to Youna and receive a special "shout out" from Youna that any of Youna's 20,000 followers can like, comment on, and share.
  2. A fan can send 10,000 $YOUNA_LOVE to Youna and receive a rare, one-of-a-kind digital token art piece from Youna.


Anyone can issue digital tokens. Are you popular? If yes, then issuing your digital money can be profitable. And NUMOMO can help tell you how to do it right, from choosing the right tools, to valuing your digital token correctly. Today.

Issue your own digital tokens.  Incentivize your followers. Turn followers into fans, and fans into supporters.

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